About Our Grants

PURPOSE:  To Invest ACJF resources toward finding solutions to pressing state problems impacting Alabama's disadvantaged children and families. ACJF resources are currently focused on two ACJF funding areas (Children & Families and Access to Justice/Civil Legal Aid).

Welcome to all nonprofits working on behalf of Alabama’s disadvantaged to ACJF’s Grants portion of our website. We value your partnership and work in our ongoing efforts to improve the quality of life for all Alabamians. We believe it is important to work alongside prospective grantees to accomplish goals of mutual interest and we are very interested in reviewing programs and services that assist children, families and seniors by providing civil legal aid and social services to those in need and supporting other social justice-related initiatives.

Over the past 24 years, ACJF has awarded more than $9.8 million in funds to local and statewide nonprofit organizations in this wide range of program areas. Our grantmaking has resulted in grants ranging from $500 - $100,000. ACJF has funded operating expenses in our smaller grants to allow maximum flexibility by the grantee. We have also funded capacity building projects because we understand the importance of organizations being internally strong if their programs are going to be successful. Several years ago, we expanded our grantmaking to include grants that addressed long-term needs with strategic solutions.

Since the “great recession” in 2008 when interest rates paid on IOLTAs dropped significantly and ACJF experienced a reduction in IOLTA income of close to 80 percent, ACJF’s Board of Directors began making changes in our grantmaking process. These changes included eliminating a competitive process that would have had many nonprofits submit proposals for limited grant funds. Currently, applications can be submitted only by invitation. In addition, although there are five funding categories listed below, ACJF is currently only funding in the Access to Justice and Family & Children categories. 

The board has sought to assure the Foundation remains a supportive and effective grantmaker even under these financial circumstances. The current process used since 2012 calls for ACJF to stay engaged with and work with stakeholders and organizations in the areas funded by ACJF in order to be aware of initiatives that would bring about significant change with ACJF funding.

ACJF has remained committed to seeking the most innovative and effective grantmaking strategies possible under the circumstances faced by the Foundation, our potential grantees, and Alabama’s disadvantaged citizens.

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*Access to Justice:  The Foundation supports access to justice within the legal system for all Alabama citizens.
*Children, Families and Seniors:  The Foundation supports efforts that build stronger families, nurture children and youth as well as offer children and youth exemplary learning opportunities.  ACJF supports efforts to enhance the lives of seniors in addition to persons with mental and physical challenges.
Community:  The Foundation supports efforts that foster thriving communities, encourage citizen involvement and develop partnerships among public and private organizations. ACJF also supports quality education, healthcare, and housing services for all Alabamians.
Responsibility and Accountability:  The Foundation supports efforts to enhance the accountability, transparency and ethics of government, corporations and other entities. ACJF supports efforts that compel accountability and responsibility by engaging in advocacy, research, monitoring, public awareness and training. 
Safety and Security:  The Foundation supports efforts to ensure the overall safety of Alabamians through direct services, public awareness and public policy.