Pioneers of Justice Society

Investing in Alabama

Each year, hundreds of Alabama nonprofit organizations turn to the Alabama Civil Justice Foundation to help them change lives and build communities.

The compassion and caring of attorneys throughout the state are paying great dividends. Beyond their IOLTA designations, Alabama attorneys have graciously and generously invested nearly $2.5 million in personal gifts to support the work of ACJF. By leveraging the gifts of attorneys into targeted grantmaking, ACJF provides powerful assistance in the fight to create just and caring communities throughout Alabama.

Pioneers of Justice Society

To continue our very important work, ACJF is dependent on attorneys believing in our organization and realizing that investing in ACJF offers many great returns. [Charter Members]

The Pioneers of Justice Society recognizes Alabama attorneys who revolutionized the legal system by honoring real men and women who have worked for justice in the courtroom as well as in their communities, this state and nation. Through the Pioneers of Justice Society, ACJF can expand our service to others. As a perpetual fund, the Pioneers of Justice Society offers:
  • revenue for grants during times of low interest rates from the IOLTA program and low IOLTA program enrollment.
  • sustainability for the Foundation to continue our work at our high level of excellence in difficult economic times.
ACJF's Pioneers of Justice Society Honoree for 2016-2018 is Miss Nina Miglionico [Click Here].

Investing in the Alabama Civil Justice Foundation

ACJF understands the commitment that lawyers bring to their communities and to the communities in which they practice. By becoming a member of the Pioneers of Justice Society [click here], you can facilitate our achievements in important areas such as legal aid, education and healthcare. With a pledge of $10,000 over a five year period, you can also commemorate the men and women who dedicated their lives to the pursuit of ustice for all Alabamians.